Daiwa steez spinner combo....opinions?

Just wondering what ppl here on the board think...ive lustily watched them for some time never being able to bring myself to spend that kind of money on a rod or reel. Ive read the reviews for them on the site but, some are ppl who dont even own them and are just talking ish and the others seem to be so overzealously positive that i also question their validity. So, all that being said...thoughts?
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That's a lot of coin for a fishing reel throw in the rod and it's truly crazy $$
The most I ever spent on a rod was around 350 on a Loomis GLX
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Definitely! Just wondering because as a married person its somewhat difficult to imagine my dear wife allowing such a lavish expenditure.
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LoL - if my wife had a clue to what I actually spent on fishing gear guns and ammo she would a major hissy fit.


Dont worry, she's probably hoping you dont figure out what she has actually spent on some stuff too....lol