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Finding the Best Shotgun for Your Needs – A Buyer's Guide

Seeing a clay bird shatter and spray like fireworks on the Fourth of July is bound to put a smile on any shooter's face. You're more likely to feel that thrill if you choose a shotgun that's right…
Fishing pro holding bass

Favorite Topwater Bass Fishing Lures the Pros Like

Primetime for topwater fishing is upon much of the bass fishing world. Who doesn’t love watching the brutality of nature at its finest as a bass tears a new one into your favorite topwater plug?…
Angler frying fish on shore

The Best Campsite Fish & Shore Lunch Recipe Ever

You guide the boat quietly into a secluded bay and beach it on a sandy point. The other boats in your group follow. The morning’s catch is retrieved from live wells, and everybody heads to the well-…
How to Get Your Kayak Fishing Ready

How to Get Your Kayak Fishing Ready

Whether you own a sit-in or a sit-on-top model, outfitting a kayak for fishing isn't much different than outfitting any other boat. The small size and storage limitations of these vessels usually…