Your 6 knots the pros use page

So, I get your 1source email/news letter and the first thing I click on is the knot link;

The first knot shown in a Improved Clinch, but the label is wrong with it listed as just a Clinch, a big difference in holding strength... OK, so no one is perfect, but then I read down and "Bo" MIller calls it a Trilene knot, again a similar but DIFFERENT knot...
I then scrawl down and see that the Loop Knot is showing the wrong illustration, it is a Dropper Loop that is shown, a very different knot than what Jimmy Houston is talking about, it can not even be used for what he is talking about! There is more, but I think I have made my point...
This is all basic stuff and not "opinions", all these knots have been around for a LONG time. I am sure you don't want to mislead your readers with incorrect information, when you are trying to present yourself as a site to come to for information... PLEASE have some one proof this stuff, some one that knows something about what they are looking at!!!! It certainly does not encourage me to look to 1 Source for any kind of information, when the first "Article" that I look at, is riddled with mistakes! If you are having a hard time finding competent help/proof reader, please let me know, it is just embarrassing to see these kinds of mistakes from a "Industry" leader... I look forward to seeing what 1 source has to say/do...
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Thank you Stripernut for your sharp eye! We have sent it back to our graphics team to correct and we'll get it updated just as soon as we can.

Thanks again for letting us know - we appreciate any feedback we can get!

Everything I read on knots here is not really good information at all. These are knots from the "Pros"? Come on. It will be better if there is nothing about knots than what is there. If these knots are from some item for sale, than there is a problem. I teach knot tying for fishing here in West Palm Beach and two or three simple, but good knots, will cover almost everything we need for salt or fresh water use.

David Andrews
Organizer, Kayak Fishing Club of the Palm Beaches
West Palm Beach, Florida