Bass Pro ammo shipping policy not based on facts

Recently I placed an order for shot shell ammunition, but was told Bass Pro would not ship to my address. In fact, there are no local, county or state ordinances that prohibit Bass Pro from shipping or for me from receiving ammunition. Therefore, Bass Pro's policy is capricious, and not based on any real facts or conditions.

I called Cabela's, and they were more than happy to take my order and ship to me (as is Cheaper Than Dirt, by the way). As it happens, they also have great prices, great customer service, and as an added bonus will not charge sales tax. I used to be a loyal Bass Pro customer, but my business will now go to Cabela's.

I suppose I should thank Bass Pro for instituting asinine policies born of "least resistance" laziness, as they have pushed me into the arms of a much better retailer that can more than service all my sporting needs, and at a better price. Bass Pro has lost a long time loyal customer over this, and they can be assured I will raise this issue both in person at my local clubs as well as the shooting sports related internet forums I frequent.