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Hi All,
Not sure where to post or ask for this maybe someone out there can help me..
I'm a going to be grandma next month, my first grandchild, and its a boy.. I love to fish, I CANT WAIT TO TAKE MY NEW FISHING BUBBY OUT, I WENT TO BASS PRO SHOP LOOKING FOR A OUTFITS FOR HIM, AND LEFT RATHER HEARTBROKE- EVERYTHING SAYS DADDY'S OR GRANDPAS ,, I'm a widow, and grandma, want to buy him outfits, t-shirts just as a dad or grandpa would,, does anyone know if they carry them , I asked in the store and of course they all looked at me like a deer in headlights, then said wow no we don't carry any thing like that but its a great idea,, I agree it is.. I cant be the only lady fishing proud grandma out there..
Any ideas on how to get the ball rolling on this? Or can I special order something with it,,??
Thank you all for any help ,,
Carlene Copher
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They don't have much for the Ladies in general..Congrats on the new Grandbaby....Welcome to the forum...Hope you stick around..gets kind of lonely here sometimes..LOL.

Hello MissOkie -
We've read your post and want to help. I've passed your question on to our customer service department so they can address your question and provide you with some answers. Congrats on the new 'little' fisherman!