baby clothes

Hi All,
Not sure where to post or ask for this maybe someone out there can help me..
I'm a going to be grandma next month, my first grandchild, and its a boy.. I love to fish, I CANT WAIT TO TAKE MY NEW FISHING BUBBY OUT, I WENT TO BASS PRO SHOP LOOKING FOR A OUTFITS FOR HIM, AND LEFT RATHER HEARTBROKE- EVERYTHING SAYS DADDY'S OR GRANDPAS ,, I'm a widow, and grandma, want to buy him outfits, t-shirts just as a dad or grandpa would,, does anyone know if they carry them , I asked in the store and of course they all looked at me like a deer in headlights, then said wow no we don't carry any thing like that but its a great idea,, I agree it is.. I cant be the only lady fishing proud grandma out there..
Any ideas on how to get the ball rolling on this? Or can I special order something with it,,??
Thank you all for any help ,,
Carlene Copher