2016 Targa V-18 Combo

Looking for someone who had owned or owns a Targa Combo. Not having the best luck finding any reviews online about them, I am looking at a 2016 V-18 Targa Combo, and would like to get some feed back on the boat, as well as buying from BPS. I have looked on YouTube and if you go by Trackers reviews they are the best boats out there, but I have looked at other boat forums and I have read how they are the worst boat you can buy and if you buy a boat it should be a Lund. Well I am new to boats and I have looked at a Lund brand, and the only difference I can see is one has a riveted hull and the other is welded. Again I am new to Boats as far as owning one, and for my family I think we would benefit more from a fishing- ski boat than a ski-fishing boat. So if anyone could give me some feedback I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks Again,