Mako Skiff owners-humminbird helix 5 question

I have a 17ft Mako skiff and had a Helix 5 sonar installed. The transducer was installed on the left side of the motor. I cannot get a solid bottom reading when on plane. Works fine at slower speeds. I have heard that I should have mounted the transducer on the right side of the motor and that would have the transducer out of the wash created by the prop? However, Bass Pro Shop didn't think that would make a difference, and that it was more the tri-hull of the skiff. Anyone had any experience similar to mine with some ideas that might help? thanks
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I run a Helix 7 and HB 898.The transducer needs to be mounted at the lowest possible point on the hull with the ducer close to flush or a bit lower to get readings at high speed. It also needs to be mounted in a position that the water flow over the tines doesn't interfere I don't own a skiff but have a muti tine bass boat. Once I moved the ducer to the lowest possible point with out obstruction I started to get perfect down, sonar and side imaging with accurate depth readings at 40mph. I mounted mine on the right. Motor tilt pending I do get some prop wash static side scanning left. Trolling motor power is perfect.