Mike Long; Big bass guy, matchin the hatch

Here is a link to another board ( which Tara said is ok to do) it is a link to Mike Long Page ultimately Mike Long has caught more bass over 12 Lbs than anyone else ever! Check out a couple of the to[ 20 lists he has many entries, all certified. The bass are all here in California and are taking advantage of Trout Stocking, one of the girls in the picture goes 16 lbs and it shows her pinning a trout to the lake floor to eat it and munching on a channel cat. Matt Lures,WRB ( he has a 19 lb catch) also post on the thread along with SPEEDBEAD, who I have fished with, see what these guys say ad you all should read MIKE LONG, he has the catches tgat make the theories about matching the hatch valid! I dont fish for giants but this is impressive and shuts the conversation down

LINK: http://www.bassresource.com/bass-fishing-forums/topic/130247-underwater-photos-of-giant-bass/

Click on the link itn the first post to see pics and text from Mike Longs page then read the discussion I fished with some of these guys on Lake Fork in Texas and with one guy a few times in PA, Big bass chasing is not my thing, the size of the baits and the detail in them are incredible, I dont have the desire or patience, but for those of you who do, these guys match the hatch with record breaking results If you read the threads he was apparently fishing same water , possibly at same time with Matt Lures who makes these large , exacting baits. I cant afford to fish with stuff like this Just shows that matching the hatch has validity, not all the time but certainly for these big bass guys