Your first trip of 2014

Sitting here in January with temps in the teens and single digits, I can't help but start thinking about that first chilly morning I'll be on the lake again (the cabin fever is getting to me haha).

When most of us start the year, its probably going to be some kind of prespawn pattern. So I'm just sitting here wondering. On your first outing, what do you have tied up for your first cast of 2014, and where do you go from there? I kinda think since you've had all winter to ponder it, a lot has probably gone into what you ultimately choose to fish with.

Honestly, I'll probably be chucking a huddleston-style swimbait, hoping to start the year off with a 5+ pounder, but before its over, I'll probably be fishing the same areas with a jerkbait and football jig.

Here's to trying to beat cabin fever!