Do you use baits that rattle

Since I don't throw plugs, the baits themselves are not the i issue I see a lot of jig heads and glass/bead like inserts to make plastics rattle I never have used these since no live bait rattles. Craw fish do make a clicking sound when scatting backwards, but I dont see the use for these.
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My understanding of Rattles is they feel the vibration a lot more than they actually here the sound, and only thing they really do is give the bait a larger and more defined profile to the fish because of the extra vibration. By the book, it is supposed to help when the water is dingy, in low light conditions, fish are aggressive or competing for food, or to help them anticipate striking before they ever seen the bait (reaction strike) and is supposed to hurt in clear water, and when fish are skittish or under a lot of pressure.

As far as plastics and jigs go, from what I've read, a lot of people think the little clicking noise is good at getting a fishes attention and helps them locate the bait quicker. I like rattling jigs, and sometimes use a rattling dropshot weight, but that's about it as far as plastics go for me.