Baitcasting Rod/Reel setup HELP

I currently have a Lews Tournament Pro 6.4.1 ratio reel and 6'6" Veritas Rod MH Fast Action, is that a good set up? or should i get a different rod for a 6.4.1. Also i plan on buying a 5.4.1 reel and a 7.1.1 reel as well what is a good rod size,power, and action for those? Im kinda confused as to the setups for the ratio's and the rods, I've read many online pages and they all are kinda different to what each ratio or rod size is good for fishing.
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In general terms a 6.4:1 ratio is a good choice general all around fishing multi spices using all types of lures or bait. A lower ratio 5.2:1 is generally used for deep cranking and a high speed reel 7.1:1 is used for pitching or some topwater retrieves. I have a high speed reels on my top water rod and jig rod. I like the HS reel for burning spinner baits or jigs after pitching to a dock or target. As for rod action /weight really hard to answer really personal preference and should be generally matched to what size lures your fishing. as an example you would use a medium power rod for like a lipless crank bait but if you were throwing a DD22 deep diver you would need a rod with more back bone. Length is pretty much a personal choice as well with 6'6" being good all around size and well suited for bank fishing a longer rod will give you more distance.
Hope this helps.