Happiness on Tour With Pro Angler Josh Bertrand

BPS Pro Josh Bertrand  by BPS Pro Josh Bertrand

by Dave Landahl



Happiness is a relative term. Each individual must define happiness for themselves. So, what the heck does this have to do with bass fishing? An awful lot. If you're not happy fishing, then you may need to take up another sport.


Anyhoo, those who tour the USA and catch bass for bucks have to figure out what makes them happy, or they are doomed to be miserable road warriors often away from their loved ones for months at a time.Josh Bertrand


Berkley fishing gear / Bass Pro Shops pro, Josh Bertrand, shared what makes him happy about being a pro basser. Read on and see if you can relate.


Competitive juices.

"Being able to get my fix on so often is my favorite thing," said Bertrand. "Competing against the best in the world at your favorite sport is fun!"


Easy excuse.

"Always having an excuse to go fishing makes me happy," said Bertrand. "Even when I'm home, I don't feel guilty going to the lake a few days a week to practice a new technique or try a new bait."


Fresh air.

"Being in the outdoors," said Bertrand. "It's easy to take this for granted, but when you see something really cool out on the water, it reminds me how lucky I am to be able to spend so much time outside."