3 Jig Details that Catch More Spring Crappie

News & Tips: 3 Jig Details that Catch More Spring Crappie...

Crappie can be choosy. While springtime often yields good action, it pays to have a stocked jig box so you can make adjustments on the water. Crappie jigs with these 3 features should always have a place in your assortment.

Crappie Jig 3
Crappie jigs with appendages feature movement and and a realistic profile that drives panfish crazy.

1. Flash

Fleck and glitter suspended in a soft-plastic can sometimes make a huge difference. When you need to slowly work a jig and appeal to neutral crappie, a bit of sparkle can trigger the bite. This holds true in clear and stained water. Last year it made a big difference for me on a few outings.

2. Feathers

Marabou crappie jigs have been around for a while, but continue to produce fish. When dangled beneath a float, marabou dances with a subtle action crappie can’t resist. Carry standard marabou jigs, but also stock some tied with tinsel or outfitted with a spinner blade to add flash.

3. Appendages

A crappie’s diet typically includes a lot of invertebrates. Profiles vary for these small foodstuffs, but I’ve found it pays to carry panfish plastics featuring wispy appendages. These tails and legs add realism to your presentation.  Panfish are also suckers for the micro-action they provide.  Shad Assassins, Mister Twister Nymphs, and other body profiles with multi-appendage tails are all good picks.

For more information on jig fishing for crappie check out this video. Be sure to give jerk-fishing a try, too.