Hunting Turtle Dove During Summer

News & Tips: Hunting Turtle Dove During Summer

dove 400Another great suggestion for summer hunting is the migratory turtle dove. Dove hunting is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. It is the first hunting experience where I actually got to carry a gun and shoot something (or at something rather). I had always tagged along with my dad everywhere he went, whether hunting or fishing, but dove hunting was my first true test and step into being an actual hunter.

Dove hunting is something everyone can enjoy, especially first time hunters young or old. It is usually action packed and fast paced. Here in southwest Kansas, we hunt near water. Temperatures can get over 100 degrees in September and dove usually flock to water in the evening. I have so many great memories of hunting this little bird, sitting around a windmill with close family and friends, and watching many sunsets while cleaning the evenings kill. Dove hunting is fun and enjoyable, but also really helps work on your shot. While dove hunting, it is likely you experience every type of passing, crossing, incoming, and overhead shots. It is honestly where I learned how to concentrate on “leading the bird” and following through with my shot. Dove hunting is a great summer hunting adventure that can get anyone of all ages hooked for life.

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Always check with your state seasons, rules, and regulations before you do any type of hunting. You can easily access your states hunting/fishing license website through All you need to do is select your state, to access all your states regulation information.

Happy and Safe Hunting!!