Several soft plastic panfish lures

Fishing With Soft Plastics for Panfish

By Dan Johnson Supple, scented soft plastics designed for ice-fishing catch fish all year long. Many Northern panfish anglers fish supple plastic softbaits through the ice during winter. Tip: Shop…
Nice Black Crappie Caught Just Off The Edge of a Bog

Post Spawn Crappies in the North

By Pros4- 1Source's Steve Worrall The crappie spawn is still underway across the upper Midwest as water temps hit the middle 60’s. The spawn can last in a geographical area for two weeks due to…
The Author Jason Mitchell With a Nice Bottom Bouncer Walleye

Bottom Bouncer Tips for Walleye

By Jason Mitchell In both North and South Dakota, bottom bouncer rigs have been catching walleye on the Missouri River reservoirs for an awfully long time. The popularity of bottom bouncers however…
Angler in a deep v-bottom boat fishing for steelhead

Side-Drifting for Winter Steelhead

By Scott Haugen, Cabela’s Ambassador Side-drifting is arguably the most effective technique when it comes to fishing for winter steelhead in rivers and it is one of the best ways to cover large…
News & Tips: Use a Tadpole to Get to the Fish

Use a Tadpole Resettable Diving Weight to Get to the Fish

There are many different ways to get your fishing bait in front of a walleye when trolling. One method that I have come to rely on is using an Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Resettable Diving Weight (Model…
Pre-Spawn Crappie

North Country Crappies: Spring Spawning Transition

By Pros4- 1Source As the Spring progresses through unseasonably cold weather this year the crappie in the North have begun the transition to spawn and reversed back out to deeper water a couple…
Angler lifting bass out of water

Top 7 Fishing Apps for IOS and Android

Fishing season is here and there is no better time to embrace new tools and technology to maximize your fishing success. These seven fishing apps offer logbooks, maps, weather features and more.…
Author grilling fish for Fish Taco Boats

Tasty Smoked & Grilled Crappie Fish Boat Taco Recipe

One of the most popular species of fish to go after during the spring and early summer is slab crappie. Traeger BBQ Wood Pellets If you're not familiar with slab crappie, crappie have different…

Trolling Rod and Reel Buyer's Guide

Trolling rods and reels are specialized pieces of gear, designed specifically for this technically oriented tactic used for almost every species of fish. Learn the differences in various designs and…
Seat Trout angler holding his catch. photo by D. Brown

Catching Speckled Trout the Gators of the Gulf

Folks throughout the Gulf states are well familiar with gators of the reptilian kind, but mentioning “gators” to coastal anglers fosters pleasant thoughts of hefty speckled trout also called sea…
Angler in kayak holding bass above the water

Why Fish for Bass From a Kayak?

Kayak Fishing for Bass can be Easy and Extremely Fun to Do By Joshua Workman Whether you’re looking to expand your bass-fishing horizons beyond the bank, test new waters or experience the sport in…
2 saltwater anglers fishing from boat

Find Great Saltwater Fishing in Southern Louisiana

Rare is the light-tackle angler who doesn’t talk about, or at least dream about, saltwater fishing the vast and fish-filled waters of coastal Louisiana. Newbies to the Cajun Coast usually talk about…