Male elk walking through tall grass in the woods

To Call, or Not to Call?

That is the question. For me, the answer is simple: silence is golden. by Fred Eichler Forget about what you read in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The real question when you’re bowhunting for elk should be…
Hunter glassing with a spotting scope on a rock

How Far is Too Far?

Elk deserve our best shot no matter the distance. by Fred Eichler If you’re reading this just to see if you agree or disagree with what I write, I can’t blame you. It’s a touchy subject. But I hope…
Two hunters walking through a field at sunset

How to Pick the Right Outfitter For You

A good list of questions is as important as your tag by Fred Eichler As an outfitter of 30 years, as well as an avid hunter who has hired multiple outfitters to take me hunting, I’ve been on both…
bear hunter

On the Hunt for GIANT Bears in North Carolina (podcast)

In this Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World podcast episode from November 2019 with host Rob Keck he is focused on hunting and managing GIANT, record-book black bears. Recorded in the midst of a hunt, step…
hunter using binoculars

How to Pick the Right Binoculars for You

On any big game hunting trip, and on many outings for small game and waterfowl as well, next to your rifle, shotgun or bow, a good pair of binoculars may be the most important piece of equipment you…
bottom of boot

Inside Cabela's Feature Packed Hunting Boots

Experience the Total Hunting Boot Performance That Gives You a Maximum Hunting Edge The Cabela's Treadfast BOA GORE-TEX Insulated Hunting Boot for Men is tough, yet lightweight with 600-denier…
hunter in woods

11 Pieces of Hunting Gear You’re Probably Forgetting to De-Scent

Most hunters understand the importance of scent control and how to practice it when it comes to your body and hunting clothes. However, many hunters overlook their various pieces of hunting gear,…

Inside the Duck Hunter's Blind Bag

All the Hunting Essentials You’ll Need for a Day of Waterfowling Back in the day, duck hunters didn’t carry blind bags into the field. I know my pop, now 75, and I didn’t. And the reason was simple…
hunter on ATV

8 Must-Have Items to Outfit Your ATV for Hunting

ATVs are a popular tool for modern hunters. Part pack mule, part truck, part tractor – ATVs have so many uses that many hunters won’t go afield without one. Outfitting one to fit your needs is part…
Bow hunter with crossbow

Crossbow Buyer's Guide

It's a safe bet that the crossbow has advanced more in the last 20 years than in the past 2,000, and innovation shows no sign of slowing down. New materials throughout, limb designs, strings, sights…
Turkey Decoys in the field

Turkey Decoy Tips for Success

These Turkey Decoy Tips Will Help Ensure A Successful Harvest Ask experienced hunters what they think of turkey decoys, and you're likely to get reactions ranging from full endorsement to complete…
Women bow hunter

Bow Buyer's Guide for Women (and Youth)

One of the great boons to bowhunting is the growing number of women joining its ranks. Archery manufacturers have been quick to respond, producing more bows and archery accessories expressly with…