Turkey Decoys in the field

Turkey Decoy Tips for Success

These Turkey Decoy Tips Will Help Ensure A Successful Harvest Ask experienced hunters what they think of turkey decoys, and you're likely to get reactions ranging from full endorsement to complete…
Florida turkey hunter up next to a tree

Turkey Hunting: Tagging a Tom by Changing Decoy Strategies (video)

Reading turkey sign, making observations while you hunt, then applying that info in the next turkey hunt is an effective technique no matter where you chase turkeys! Watch this turkey hunt where…

Red-Dot Sights For Turkey Shotguns

The Best Turkey Accessory To Reduce Misses Magnum loads and custom chokes can increase felt recoil, making it difficult to stay on the gun.“Only four misses this morning,” was the text I received…
Turkey hunting walking in the woods with a tom over his shoulder

Hunting: 7 Areas That are Spring Turkey Turnoffs

Identifying Turkey Turnoffs - Where You're Least Likely to Find a Spring Gobbler You can improve your odds of bagging a long-bearded spring tom by concentrating on the best habitat areas. But…
Turkey hunter sitting next to tree shooting at 3 turkeys

Is a 20 Gauge Shotgun Enough for Turkey Hunting? (video)

For many years, the 3-inch, 12-gauge ruled the roost with turkey hunters, but with the introduction of the 3 1/2-inch shell, the 12-gauge upped the ante with a whopping 2 3/8-ounce payload of shot.…

Top 5 Turkey Gun Models of All Time

Nothing is more satisfying than shooting a turkey in the face with a load of 5s. It’s just such a wonderful experience, and it is made even more special with the right gun. It wasn’t that long ago…
Mother turkey in a field with her poults

Partners in Conservation: Bass Pro Shops & National Wild Turkey Federation

A match made in conservation heaven. Bass Pro Shops and the National Wild Turkey Federation have influenced wildlife conservation and our hunting heritage like no other over the past four decades.…
Hunter with many turkey calls

Carrying Multiple Turkey Calls in Your Vest

When I first started turkey hunting more than three decades ago, I had two mouth diaphragm calls. I shot the first two birds I called in on opening day. Quaker Boy Mini Mag Mouth CallsThe same…

Choosing Scopes For Turkey Guns

Many turkey hunters don't believe they need a scope to make an accurate shot at a bird only 30 or 40 yards away. That's especially true for long-time shotgunners skilled at hunting ducks, pheasants,…

When to Make The First Call

The magnitude of the first call when turkey hunting cannot be understated. If it is made from the wrong place, a hunter's location easily could be discovered. If it is made at the wrong time, a…

Turkey Glossary - Turkey Terms and Hashtags

Thunder chicken, hammerhead, boss tom and Mr. Waddles, are just some of the slang terms turkey hunters give to old, mature gobblers. One thing turkey hunters don’t lack is an imagination and the…

Hunting Turkeys After The Hens Have Been Bred

We found my friend Chuck's Brittany, Wyatt, pointing staunchly into a laurel thicket twice as high as his head. “Maybe it's a grouse,” I said. We hadn't planted any training birds in that area, and…