Hunter butchering deer meat

Hunter's harvest - The 5 Processing Tools You Need

Cabela's Ambassador Jim Shockey clues you in to the one thing he's never without on a hunt. Taking an animal from the field to the freezer is a big task, but one that’s easily doable for the DIY…
ATV plowing field

ATV/UTV Food Plot Accessories Buyer's Guide

Are you a landowner, longing to attract healthy wildlife to your property? Improving your property for wildlife can be a daunting task, but with the right equipment attached to your ATV or UTV it’s…

Hunting Boots Buyer's Guide

You may not think of a pair of boots as a personal item, but to be happy and have happy feet after a day in the field, you need to match your boot to your body - not just your feet. Shop Cabela's…
Dog trainer with Irish Setter

5 Ideas to Help Your Dog & You With a Remote Training Collar (video)

Forty years ago, remote training dog collars were called shock collars, and rightly so. The first collars had one level of stimulation, and it was high. The next generation of dog training collars…
Florida turkey hunter up next to a tree

Turkey Hunting: Tagging a Tom by Changing Decoy Strategies (video)

Reading turkey sign, making observations while you hunt, then applying that info in the next turkey hunt is an effective technique no matter where you chase turkeys! Watch this turkey hunt where…
Several Florida hogs rooting in a clearing

Hunting Hogs - Spot 'n Stalk Hunts & Calling Henned Up Toms! (video)

Hogs down! Watch as Grant stalks within range of several hogs. There's arrows flying then the Wincherster XPR Hunter Bolt-Action 350 Legend rifle dropped another one like a rock! Then checkout Clay's…

Red-Dot Sights For Turkey Shotguns

The Best Turkey Accessory To Reduce Misses Magnum loads and custom chokes can increase felt recoil, making it difficult to stay on the gun.“Only four misses this morning,” was the text I received…
Turkey hunting walking in the woods with a tom over his shoulder

Hunting: 7 Areas That are Spring Turkey Turnoffs

Identifying Turkey Turnoffs - Where You're Least Likely to Find a Spring Gobbler You can improve your odds of bagging a long-bearded spring tom by concentrating on the best habitat areas. But…
Coyote hunter in camo with a high power scope

Savage 110 High Country Gear Review

A factory rifle that can be customized to fit any shooter By Mat Brost The Hype Around Savage's AccuFit System A job in the hunting industry allows me to be one of the first to hear about new…
Grant Woods with two land owners in the buck habitat

Oklahoma Deer Habitat: New Plan for Even Bigger Deer!

Grant assisted Martin Smith during 2014 with a habitat plan to meet his and his sons hunting objectives. They implemented the plan and tagged a lot of bucks. Now they are ready for a plan to produce…
Turkey hunter sitting next to tree shooting at 3 turkeys

Is a 20 Gauge Shotgun Enough for Turkey Hunting? (video)

For many years, the 3-inch, 12-gauge ruled the roost with turkey hunters, but with the introduction of the 3 1/2-inch shell, the 12-gauge upped the ante with a whopping 2 3/8-ounce payload of shot.…
European Mount Whitetail Skull

DIY Euro Mount

Mountain Mikes Bone Collector KitYour preparation, stealth and marksmanship have culminated in a freezer full of meat and an abundance of memories, both of which you want to enjoy to the fullest. The…