skeet shooter

Skeet Shooting Tips From a Pro

Cabela’s Pro Staffer and Olympic shooter Frank Thompson started shooting a shotgun in high school and never stopped. In this article Frank discusses the basics and provides tips for skeet shooting…
cowboy action shooting

Preserving the Cowboy Way

When many of us were children, the airwaves were filled with TV westerns and characters that we have cherished for decades, some of which we have even emulated in adulthood by participating in Cowboy…
Self defense bullets from Hornady

Defense Ammo: The Right Bullets for the Situation

Deciding which ammunition you should choose for personal-defense situations should be carefully considered, after all, your life may truly depend upon the choices you make. But, before you start…

Finding the Best Shotgun for Your Needs – A Buyer's Guide

Seeing a clay bird shatter and spray like fireworks on the Fourth of July is bound to put a smile on any shooter's face. You're more likely to feel that thrill if you choose a shotgun that's right…
electronic firearm sights

Selecting Electronic Firearm Sights

With recent advancements in technology, decking out firearms with the latest and coolest gadgets is quickly becoming a favorite pastime for gun owners. For turkey hunters, plinkers or tactical…
ruger 10/22 is a favorite rifle for many shooters

Ruger 10/22 – 50+ Years Of Excellence

We recently celebrated the Ruger 10/22's 50th anniversary. It has withstood the test of time and is to this day a very popular firearm with both new and experienced shooters. So what is it about this…
m&p shield upgraded sights and holsters

M&P Shield's Upgrade Options

Don't let the size of the M&P Shield fool you. It may be slim and trim, but it's as functional as a full-sized M&P. Between its surprising power and incredible shootability, it's no wonder…
Best plinking targets and teaching kids to shoot

Plinking Practice Makes Perfect

Plinking, named for the sound a bullet makes when hitting metal, has been popular since the invention of the gun. It's a good bet most of us got our start shooting a BB or pellet gun at a row of cans…
Hornady hunting bullets

Hornady's Ammo Revolution

Match Grade at Any Distance Using Doppler radar and state-of-the-art aeroballistics software, Hornady® engineers discovered that conventional polymer tips in high-ballistic-coefficient bullets melt…

Long-range Ammunition and Reloading

Countless books, articles, video series and even classes have been devoted to the subject of long-range shooting and the factory- or hand-loaded ammunition that's needed to achieve success. Many…

Determining Eye Dominance

While most right-handed people will shoot right-handed due to a consistently dominant right side, that doesn’t necessarily mean every individual will follow those unwritten rules. For instance, some…
olympic trapshooter corey cogdell

Olympian's Solid Shooting Lessons Learned in 4-H

With a competitive record as decorated as hers, Corey Cogdell hardly needs an introduction. She's earned many of the highest accolades in trapshooting, including two National Championship titles and…