Bear Hunting

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Bear Hunt: 4 Ways to Judge the Size and Age of a Black Bear

May 12, 2017
Countless articles, books, and DVDs tell us how to age and score whitetail bucks in the field. However, you’ll very little advice is available on how to judge the age of a bear. That’s unfortunate…
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Why Boats are Great for Bear Hunting in Canada

June 29, 2016
Bears like to travel lake shores, river edges, and tidal inlets near oceans. All of these habitats offer food in the form of grasses, insects, flowers, crabs, fish, and animal carcasses. That makes…
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Quick Tips: Spot & Stalk Spring Bears (video)

May 11, 2016
It was bear season and we were heaving ourselves to the ground after a 1,000 foot vertical climb up northwest Montana’s Cabinet Mountains.  As we  struggled to catch our breath we immediately grabbed…
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Bear Hunting Tips: 11 Things You Should Take on Black Bear Hunts (infographic)

May 5, 2016
Whether it’s your first time or an every year ritual spring bear hunting is exciting. There’s something special about being out in the greening spring woods with the chance to come face-to-face with…
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How to Skin a Deer Using an Air Compressor (infographic)

November 23, 2015
There Is More Than One Way to Skin a Buck For hundreds of years deer have lost their coats to an old fashioned skinning post and a sharp knife, but that doesn't stop hunters from striving to make…
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6 Trips Every Hunter Should Take In Their Lifetime

February 19, 2015
Here’s a to-do list you can actually look forward to making. Whether you hunt rabbits, ducks or deer, there’s no doubt you’ve dreamed of one day traveling the world in search of exotic game. If the…
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Bow Hunting BIG Bears and Whitetails: In Range and DOWN! (video)

October 27, 2014 pro-staffer Heath Martin and his big Arkansas Black Bear. A great week of hunting with venison on the ground in Adam's first kill of the season! Then pro-staffer Heath Martin arrows a…
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Eight Little Known Tips to Help You Become a Better Hunter

September 24, 2014
Whether you hunt deer, bear, pronghorns, turkeys, elk, quail, ducks or squirrels, the following eight hunting tips will up your chances of success. Whether you're a veteran hunter or a newbie, these…
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Seize the Opportunity: Don’t Be Afraid to Stray From Original Hunting Plans

June 5, 2014
In mid-May, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Ontario's pilot-project spring bear hunt. I used a rifle instead of a traditional bow, since a relatively short window of…
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3 Great Places to Hunt for Grizzly Bears

May 27, 2014
The Boone and Crockett Club recently announced a new No. 1 hunter-taken grizzly bear. This monster bruin was taken in 2013 by Larry Fitzgerald near Fairbanks, Alaska, and scored 27 6/16, missing the…
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Bear Scents: What to Use and How to Use Them

April 28, 2014
Last week we talked about what makes the best bear bait. It only stands to reason that we follow up with an article on what makes the best bear scents. If you really want to be an effective bear…
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What are the Best Bear Baits?

April 21, 2014
All bear hunters have their own secret baits and scents but the truth be known, most people bait with what is available. Here's what I mean by that. If you're baiting correctly, you're going to have…