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Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee is Panfish Paradise for Anglers

When a violent earthquake struck the Mississippi River valley during the bitter cold winter of 1811, aftershocks rumbled throughout a 2,000-square-mile area for months. Forty-five square miles of the Mississippi's floodplain sank over 30 feet, and the river poured into the newly-formed basin, creating a lake that stretches 18 miles long by 2.5 miles wide.

The How, What, When and Where of Fly Fishing for Bluegill

AboutFlyFishingBluegill blogFly fishing is the first love of many die hard anglers. Few things match the inspirational feeling of loading a rod up and shooting a line 40 feet across a cold, clear trout stream. Equally inspiring is the powerful strike of a hard fighting fish.

Finding and Fishing for Bedding Bream

The angler quietly slips his boat along the shoreline, casting and retrieving a small bait a few feet off the bank. Several successive casts go unrewarded, then suddenly his limp line twitches and darts sideways. Alert to this movement, the fisherman sets the hook, then plays and lands a bluegill that's black and as big as a salad plate.

Essential Gear for Shoreline Panfishing

Trekking a shoreline and casting for crappie and yellow perch is a springtime ritual for many. The simplicity of this style of fishing can't be beat. Having certain equipment and gear can make for a more enjoyable experience and lots of landed panfish. Here are a handful of my spring shore fishing must-haves.

Ice Fishing for Panfish

For many anglers, ice fishing for panfish has become not just a pastime for most but a passion. Anglers worldwide are becoming better educated and better equipped while fish stocks are dwindling due to excessive fishing pressure. Lakes that used to be panfish hotspots are becoming public knowledge and becoming over-fished.

3 Great Hard Baits for Late Summer Panfish

Putting a few panfish in the livewell during mid to late summer is a different matter than the springtime, when spawning activities have fish in predictable locations. Warm weather success with species like yellow perch, crappies and even bluegills often requires a more aggressive approach — one where the business end of the line is rigged with some type of hard fishing bait.