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 I saw the flash of silver as the fish broke the surface of the water.  I jerked the rod up sharply and then let the line play out as the big salmon bucked and arced in its dance to shake the hook from its mouth.  I called out to the guide, Ryan, to come with the net and soon I had landed my very first salmon on the Kenai River.

Idaho’s Salmon Run Brings Excitement

The lower 48 may not have anywhere near the salmon fishing that Alaska has, but one thing unique about Idaho is that we have the longest salmon run in America.

I go even on a bad year just to see the event. It's inconceivable that a fish can be born in a small creek in Idaho, swim downstream, end up in the ocean and then three, four or even five years later navigate their way 750 miles all the way back to their birthplace. Impossible! This pilgrimage occurs the end of June, first of July.

Jay Yelas on Salmon

No more bass fishing for Mercury/Ranger pro Jay Yelas. The FLW Tour star has hung up his bass fishing gear, until next tournament season. His targets of opportunity no longer have spiny rays, but adipose fins instead. That's right, salmon and steelhead are what Yelas is all about during his off time, until the outdoor show season kicks in next January.