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How to Catch More Walleye on Jigs and Crankbaits: Dale Stroschein

Walleye world record holder and Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff Angler Dale Stroschein breaks down his tips to catching more walleye on crankbaits and jigs. It’s all about paying attention to detail and being dialled in.  

Jig Fishing Tips for Walleye

Pulling or Casting Flies for Walleye

By Jeff Samsei

Cabela’s Field Staff team member Dave Schmidt shares his proven techniques.

Walleye pro Dave Schmidt commonly uses fishing flies to get the attention of spring walleyes, but no fly rods factor into the equation.

The flies, which are typically bucktail streamers tied on No. 2 or 4 hooks, are instead cast or pulled with spinning or baitcasting tackle and delivered close to the bottom with three-way rigs.

Jigging Tips and Techniques For Spring Midwest Walleyes

by Steve Worrall

Walleye anglers from the upper Midwest love tradition and have the tendency to stick to it. Visit any lake or river during opening weekend of walleye; you’ll see minnow buckets, crawlers, and jigs in play by most anglers. Nothing wrong with that approach, it’s popular for a reason…it works! Is live bait the best presentation? I suggest there’s an option you should try.

DIY Tying Snelled Fishing Spinners - A Walleye Wonder Weapon (video)

For walleye anglers, snelled spinners are very close to a silver bullet. There are few places or situations where a snelled spinner won’t catch walleyes. Snelled spinner lures can be fished in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs at any depth from just below the surface to dragging along the bottom.