Head Hunting: Use Visualization to Become a Better Bowhunter

His tall, white tines glinted in the early-morning light as the buck stepped through the cedars. I immediately reached for my bow, knowing he would be in range within seconds. As he paused in a shooting lane, my pin settled behind his shoulder. I knew where the arrow would hit before I even touched my release.

Bow Hunting: At the End of the Blood Trail (video) has three deer down! First an update on food plots and habitat at The Proving Grounds after the recent drought. Then it's time for deer hunting! Daniel bow hunts where deer are pouring into the food plots! Watch the hunts to see three deer arrowed and lessons learned at the end of each blood trail.

An Epic Deer Hunting Story: Shifting Strategies to Shoot THAT BUCK!! (video)

Hunting white-tailed deer with the Team! Seth has been hunting a buck with huge brow tines, E.T. Watch this epic hunt to see Seth's patience and hunting strategies pay off! He hunted this buck all season and chose to pass some nice bucks in hopes of getting E.T. in range. The hunt story is so good, you will want to watch the whole video! But if you are short on time, to see the final hunt where Seth tags E.T., go to 00:12:58!

Deer Hunting: Perfect Strategy for Tagging a Big Buck (video)

Hunting the rut - bucks chasing does! See Lindsey, of the hunters, tag a mature buck on the family farm.  Then Adam and Matt are back in Kansas for a final bow hunt ( 08:24 - 15:49) Plus, we've got the details of the hunt for a mind blowing 260" buck! (15:50 - 17:38)The episode wraps up with some solid tips and "how to" on trapping nest predators. (17:39 - 27:13)

Great Bow Hunting: Two Bucks Down! (video)

Deer hunting in the November rut and the bow hunting action heats up!  Watch the hunts where two mature bucks slip into bow range investigating the sounds from the Messenger grunt call. One of the hunts is self-filmed! Plus, an old doe makes a Halloween treat!

Bow Hunting A Big Old Homegrown Buck! (video)

Deer hunting with the team on the family farm! Years of planning and work pay off for Adam as he bow hunts a mature buck on his family land. Watch the story of the hunt (0:01 - 11:55) then stay tuned to see Pops Woods as he doubles up on a fall turkey hunt (11:55 - 16:48).

The Best Deer Hunts for Making Memories (video)

Deer hunting with the team! Great deer hunting memories were made with the hunts in this video! Watch as this determined 86 year old deer hunter gets his first deer with a crossbow! (0:01 - 11:49) Plus, a mature Ozark buck comes within Prime range (20:19 - 27:15).

Bow Hunting 2016: Filling Deer Tags, It Gets Better and Better! (video)

Bow Hunting with the team: Filling deer tags in Missouri and Kentucky with deer in range and down! The deer hunting action heats up: Aging bucks on the hoof, does responding to grunt calls, and threading the needle to get deer in range and down! (0:01 - 13:48) Then the Kentucky pro staff arrows a nice hit list buck!