Is There a Perfect Firearm for Predator Hunting? Find Out

Have you ever been in a situation while predator hunting and you feel as though you do not have the right firearm? Maybe a coyote was too far, maybe the wind was blowing too strong, or maybe a coyote was too close for a high powered rifle.

5 Tips on Coyote Vocals & Hunting in the Early Season

Last October a good friend of mine invited me to hunt with him on his family farm in southern Missouri. They had witnessed several coyotes in their hayfield and were concerned for their livestock. My hunting buddy knew my passion for hunting and my experience using different coyote vocals to lure them in.

5 Ways to Improve Your Odds of Bagging Coyotes at First Frost

Coyotes can be hunted year round in most states, and if you have problem coyotes keeping your local deer herds (or the family pets) on high alert, then maybe it’s time to turn the tables. There are many good reasons to hunt coyote during early fall as the first frosts begin to sweep the land.